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Re: What do you do when cars speed down your street?

Originally Posted by CarrieMF View Post
This is a good idea IN THEORY. If they don't pay attention to speed signs they aren't going to pay attention to this type of sign either
This is unfortunately too true. The street I grew up on has a park at the end of it, it is a residential street but connects two slightly larger streets without houses and for some reason people like to use it to avoid the lights on main street (because sitting for a moment at a light is just so darn inconvenient ). Instead they like to speed down a narrow street with cars parked on both sides, children playing and darting across and animals running across the road. I am not talking slight speeding either. The speed limit is 25 and they drive 45 or better, it would be speeding if they were doing it on Main street. They don't even bother stopping at the Stop signs and ignore the speed limit signs. At both end of this street is posted "Slow Children at Play" signs as well as at one end a sign that reads "Deaf Child Area". Now that child is actually an adult now and I believe he has moved away (I went to school with him but haven't seen him in ages) but the sign is still there. They ignore these signs just the same as the speed limit and stop signs. They also speed down the alley. My children are not allowed to play in my parents' front yard even though I did it as a child. It seems like the traffic has only gotten worse. Sometimes the residents will call the police department and they will send out one of those boxes that shows how fast you are going, but since they rarely send an actual officer to ticket people it doesn't do a lot of good. The last time they called an officer came out and ticked everyone parked "the wrong direction" on the street. Chasing speeders is hard work, ticketing parked cars is easy, our local PD likes easy work. They also told my parents they couldn't do anything about people speeding in the alley because there was no where to set up a speed trap. The residents of the neighborhood just keep calling because it really is all you can do but honestly to protect your kids you have to be proactive with them, you can't control what other people do. Even if people are driving carefully a child can still be hit by a car.
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