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only likes banana with cereal and breastmilk

i started lo on solids and we have been going strong for about 2 1/2 weeks. i have tried carrots peaches and sweet potato but he really only seems to like banana with or without cereal and breast milk. iv tried mixing new foods with cereal and adding them to his banana to no avail. he can easily down 1/4 banana with some cereal and a few boob cubes in one sitting but wont take more then a few bites of anything else. i know different flavors take some time to get use to but i am concerned he will be to picky.

he also seems very distracted when nursing and im lucky if we get more then a 10 minute feed because he pops on and off so much and is super squirmy! any advice or suggestions?

ps im interested in blw but he is only 5 months and i would like to wait until he is six months
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