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Re: Can we talk diapers again.....puleasssee,I need help

I don't have much to add other than I pared back a TON a month or so ago. Still lots to sell and the decision process was a pain, so why the heck am I still on the hunt for more diapers? I'm a sicko.

For part time cloth for 2 (a 2yo who might PT, might not....and a 2 month old) I have:

7 BG 4.0's
15 BGE's
3 Flip covers
1 Capri, size 2
2 size medium/large homemade covers
19 Flip Organic inserts (7 for the BG 4.0's and the rest for nights and back up)
7 Motherease XL Aio's (night diapers)
6 GMD red prefolds (not in use)
1 million flour sack flats (also not in use)

Sometimes I want to sell all but the covers and flats and call it good, but I like all of our diapers for one reason or another. I guess I keep the BG's and AIO's for ease of use and the rest is there in case I want to change it up. This list is almost nothing compared to what's in the for sale pile. LOL
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