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Re: What do you do when cars speed down your street?

I live in an older development and there is a corner light one block (in two directions) from my house (so not on my street or my cross street). I have went to the police who put a car speed limit sign in front of my house for a while, but it didn't help. They said that the minimum enforceable speed limit for the WHOLE state of New Jersey is 25. Those speed limit signs in parking lots that are lower then that are not enforceable! How is that to make you !! I said to the officer "So you think it is okay for 2 cars to go down our street (where people routinely park on both sides of the road since all of our drive ways are single car width) at 25 mph, with a combined force should the meet of 50 mph??" The officer looked at me and I could tell he was just as frustrated as me and yes legally. :shakehead:

I have thought about telling the township to ignore maintenance on our street. There is a street that is not too far from us that is in a very wealthy neighborhood but is a main street. They didn't maintain that street and if you drove 25 mph on that street, your car would have damage on it!! They have since repaved that road but I bet the residents on that stretch are MAD now!

I have also thought about making speed bumps but I don't want to discourage the plows from going down our street.

What I have decided to do is put up a fence in our front yard. We would have done it this year but the recession hit us last year and put that on the back burner. Now I am hoping to get it done sometime in the next 5 years (yeah my son is 4 now but I hope to have more children).

Some of our neighbors said that when their children were young (and I am in no way saying you should do this!!!!) they would hide behind a parked car and roll a ball in the street when they would see a car speeding. To me that is a good way to create an accident but it did make cars slow down. So this has been a problem for a long time. I must say that when I drive through our neighborhood, I drive well under the 25 and I love it when a car gets up behind me. They can't pass me, there is no room. Honestly our street should be 1 way but it is funny to watch their faces.
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