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Originally Posted by Scaethach

Dude. 8 months since I *brushed* my hair. I haven't had someone else do my hair since my wedding. (Other than DH. And we don't speak of that)

I'm going to dye mine back red. I was red for so many years and really miss it. I'm thinking henna though. Then I'm going to add in some fun earthy wool dread extensions in greens and browns. But that'll only cost me under $20 and some roving scraps altogether
Thats what I am talking about! I am not a conformist. I don't need to do as salons or the mainstream media insists and get my hairs did every couple weeks. Eff that. I honestly can't wrap my mind around being that dependent on others. Natural color is beautiful no matter what color and dye is fine too but why set yourself up for such a high maintenance and expensive style? Guess some people just have too much time on their hands. I would rather do my own hair and keep that time and money for things that I like.

I want to do wool dreads too when my hair grows out more, I am about 4-5 inches. Getting there.
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