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Re: The reason behind no sandwich meat.

Originally Posted by clothdiapercrunchy View Post
Im really not exactly sure how my moms generation had healthy babies. Seriously. I know that argument has been made before but seriousness, I just don't get it. She had no ultrasounds, she went 3 weeks late with both of us, she ate whatever she wanted, she had no idea she was pregnant until 8 or so weeks and never took a vitamin and drank wine. Im not saying that is ideal but sometimes I think we have too much info. That said. I do heat my meat up before I eat it. But im pretty nervous/anxious by nature. by the time I eat the sandwich its all cool again. No harm no foul. Its a small risk, reallllly small and its a judgement call we have to make.
see, this argument doesn't work for me. Life was completely different back then. They weren't filling themselves with GMOs and fast food. People used to cook real food more often, etc.

And I'm pretty sure that some of my mother's actions contributed to my congenital spinal defect (that was not discovered until I was in my teens). They did smoke a lot more then.

On the other hand, I do agree that we have too much info and worry too much. The human baby is stronger than we think.

If no one had told me that I should keep my baby rearfacing until atleast 2, I would have turned her around on her 1yr birthday. Chances are good that I never would have had a bad repurcussion from that decision - I mean, I haven't been in an accident in the last 2 yrs, so it's safe to say that she would have been just fine. but I didn't KNOW that in advance.

when you do know, it's sorta hard to ignore the info. but.. as I've said in other threads on this board - I am a worrier. Some people are able to relax more than I am.

I wish the best for all of us in all the decisions because we're all trying to do the best we can.
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