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Re: What do you adore from afar but are scared to try?

Since joining here I've seen so many adorable patterns and am so tempted to try something new, but we started with bumGenius 4.0 pocket diapers after much raving from multiple friends, and it's hard to stray (or even try) something else when BG is working SO well for us right now. Maybe in time, maybe not. We're the type to stick with what works, but we're also into trying something new.

I'm open to trying something else, just to have something to change off once in a while, but my DH is really attached to BG. He's very technical and has really taken a shine to them.

We were told that BG would be good to start with, and to build our collection around them, with other brands rounding out our collection -- but thus far it's all BG. Of course, I'm more into the cute patterns and DH couldn't care less about the cute factor -- except for the Albert pattern. He LOVES the Albert pattern. Go figure!
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