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Re: Do you ever feel judged regarding not circumcising?

Originally Posted by ajane View Post
I'm glad you are happy, that is great! It makes a huge difference in your and your family's life to be in a better, happier, less stressed place. But, I don't think it is right for you to "lump sum" people together in one definition b/c we are still more outgoing with what we believe in. I am def. a person who knows that somethings are not meant for everyone. Believe me, I have MANY friends and all of my family members (except 1 sis in law) that parent VERY differently from me. I never mention anything to them about what they do.....obviously if they want to learn/info then they will ask. There are some things I did and didn't do with DD1 that I HUGELY regret. Did I do anything to actually harm her (fyi....never did cio) ? No. But, yes I will admit that I do regret not bf'ing longer, not bw'ing her, not cosleeping the first few months, etc. If I was more open and didn't feel like I had to listen to our society's "stigma's" of what you should do then I probably would have been more open and if I would have known about DS, then I would have realized I don't have to listen to it.

I guess I don't care about admitting my regrets and keeping them as regrets. Not just....I did what I thought was best at the time. I don't know, am I making sense?

And, for me I have never "hit people over the head" with what I believe in. Not sure if that is how you meant it. Maybe you were just describing yourself? But, then again I never got that from the "old" you either.

I wouldn't say you've changed, but you def. don't post the same. You're posts are all about "live and let live", "to each their own",..............or a bunch of kumbaya blah blah.
I agree about the lump summing and also think online it really is hard to read tone and such many times. My whole beef is the whole 'mutilation, abuse, etc' thing. But I realize that's my opinion.

Yeah, it's weird to think back sometimes. Because I even know I don't post the same. I just don't have any desire too. Crazy journey of life

Yup, you'll know me now as I break out the camp fire smiley
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