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Re: What were your medical reasons for circumcising?

Originally Posted by sarchamar View Post
I can see both sides of the privacy issue, but ultimately I don't think it's any different than any of the myriad behavioral and medical issues we post about here (some of which can be very detailed/personal). Posting photos could definitely cross a line, but simply stating that a boy is intact or circumcised doesn't exactly paint a detailed picture.
I tend to not post anything that may be embarrassing to my kids on the internet, I feel it's their choice to embarrass themselves. I have been with friends with older boys at the park and they are discussing their intact and circumcised sons and personally that is just something I would rather not know about their teenage boy and full grown son, I have seen one of them hush as their intact boy comes up. Why do they hush, is it because they know it might make him uncomfortable. I don't discuss my daughters bra size with people, that again would be her choice and her developing breasts are a totally normal thing. If I want to share how my breast development was going 30 years ago that is my choice but I would have been mortified to have my mom discussing it with strangers.

To me it's not my choice to share any info about private areas of my son/daughters life without their permission, even at the doc I ask them if it's okay to talk to the doc about it.
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