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Originally Posted by american_mommy
My ds is a little over 2 1/2 and has been wanting to pee in the potty. I don't know that he is ready to train but I want to be prepared because we are expecting in Jan. None of my children have trained before 3 so it would be new to me if he did but he is my first in cloth also.
So I want to find a good trainer because I hated using pullups and the underwear that leaked everywhere. He is a big boy, weighs about 32 lbs. The blueberry ones look cute and I love their diapers but wasn't sure how they rate.
I need some guidance!
My son was almost identical to yours when he trained. He is still iffy at night but fully day trained. Fwiw, it took less than a week at home and he was pretty much good to go. Heres what we tried (at the time he was a lil under 2.5y/o, 32/33lbs, he is tall for his age--usually 90something percentile on the chart):
Blueberry --good for day. The "large" fit like underwear. Not as easy to pull up and down but good for going out bc fit well under clothes.
Imse vimse --loved these. Think we had junior size iirc. Pulled up and down easy.
Ecoposh--these run similar to blueberry. Nice but we bought the wrong size, they were pretty plain. DS liked the prints of bluberry and iv better.
Gerber --actually love their padded undies. They definitely leak without the hidden pul. But--cheap and easy to get up and down. We used these at home a lot. He liked them

^^^all of these are day trainers.

As far as night goes, we are currently using superundies, mothergoose designs pocket trainer, and ladderhill designs night trainers with a pocket. All 3 work. Verdict is still out on which holds best. Im going to try a flip trainer at night one night if he will let me. He associates prints with undies and solids with "baby diapers" (his words) so im a lil concerned he will think its a dipe. He knows full well he can pee in a sposie pull up and WILL!!

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