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Re: Found this blog about Snap Benefits

Originally Posted by My Sweet Blessings View Post
I just don't see it the way you do. There are requirements in place in order to continue to receive the benefits. You have to either have employment, be able to show you are actively trying for employment and I am pretty sure there are some classes you have to take in regards to jobs. i remembering seeing that somewhere about the classes. You can offer budgeting classes, couponing classes, ect, (and i think that would be great) but you can't force someone to implement what is being taught. What if the people are limited to where they can shop? What if the food costs are high at that particular place? I remember seeing a special on tv and one woman stuck a cord with me. She was the mother of 2 kids. she had no transportation and was limited where she could go. She walked everywhere. The closest store to her had limited items and tehy were on teh expensive side. there were no real healthy options. she is not along in these struggles. there are so many variables into each situation and what they have available to them. ultimately, it's up to them. for the bottom line, it makes no difference to the program. $300 shelled out is still going to be $300 shelled out.
This must vary by state. In MA you DO NOT have to be employed to receive SNAP, in fact the majority of people receiving SNAP are unemployed. TANF however you do need to be employed or actively looking for work.
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