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Re: 2y2m, talking issues - is this normal?

Signing uses is a great way to encourage communication now! It will not delay talking at all, so don't be concerned about that! Signing works the same area of the brain as talking since communication is communication. It is a wonderful bridge for late talkers. Google "Baby Signs" or look at your local library for baby signs books.

You also should really, really look into a screening for Early Intervention. The earlier you can get a child services, the better. A typical 2 year old has 100 words working toward 300 by 2 1/2. Language delays also begin to affect other areas of development. I teach early childhood special education for a school district in Virginia. Every state does EI differently. In most states, you should start looking for information on early childhood screenings on your local school district's website. Some states, however, have separate agencies that handle EI screenings. What state are you in? I may be able to help you figure out where to start.
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