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Re: Lets talk about the diff dipes in your stash!

Oh my goodness I have so many types of diapers. I have a bunch of different pockets, some AI2, some AIO, some prefolds and some flats, fitteds, and hybrid fitteds as well as fleece, wool, and PUL covers

I get bored easily and like to switch between the types pretty frequently. Lately I've been loving our large FB and WAHM fitteds with knit fabric outer.

If I had an unlimited budget I think I would be swimming in diaper, floor to ceiling. I would still keep the diversity though. I like different fits for different things. I'm no help to someone that likes a streamlined stash
I wouldn't go with FB OS since they run very small compared to most other OS. BG 4.0 are pretty accurate on their sizing if you want to do OS
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