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Originally Posted by fiestyfish View Post
my ds had terrible reflux even on 2 Rx meds
i used baby's only lactose free formula even alimentum made his reflux worse till he did choke on it- yes it is the one all that controversey was about the arsenic and rice syrup but the company has it tested and uses only us grown rice.. it was worth it and i would use it again- I have a rare thing where my milk ducts were not activated and i made less than a ounce of milk
anyway things to try
my ds slept in his carseat, nap nanny (the best till he grew out of it) then the stroller!
he never slept in his crib till it was a toddler bed!
baby wearing is good as long as he is upright like in a ergo or beco not in a sling
- swing- you have to get the kind that swing side to side not back and front that just makes the acid come up and burns
fisher price cradle/papasan swing - easy to find on craigslist!
good luck!
Yes to all of these ideas . Also, baby may need an elemental formula like Nutramigen AA, Elecare, or Neocate. My 2 older DDs were/are soy and milk protein allergic so they suffered using anything but elemental formula (even though I still nursed and pumped for them along with the formula for a few months each). My oldest also needed meds for reflux.
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