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Originally Posted by luvsviola
The wonderful thing about America, is that she is entitled to her beliefs, and you to yours. However, this seems like a pretty unprofessional thing for her to bring up at work.
See, I don't buy that we are all entitled to believe hateful things. It is akin to someone saying black people are inferior, and someone excusing it because that's their belief and they are entitled to it. Homophobia is hate under the guise of a religious excuse, and it is wrong, therefore should not be tolerated.

Originally Posted by songbird516
And that's why people who are teaching a group, supposedly from the Bible, shouldn't give their own viewpoint, but stick to what the Bible actually says. Yes the Bible says that homosexuality is wrong, but there's nothing in there that says that raising your boys in any particular way will change them. It's almost as bad as Ezzo claiming that he knows how to raise kids "god's way".
The bible says many things are wrong, yet people pick and choose what they want to actually live by. I think using the bible as an excuse for why homosexuality is wrong is every bit as abhorrent as when it was used to back up the "wrongness" of interracial marriage.
Many things to many people.
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