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I'm in 8b southern california in the Joshua tree area at around 4,000 ft. I get the best germination rates and they just plain have the BEST c/s from seed savers It's so great that for their seeds I don't bother to put more than 1 seed per hole because it would just be a waste! I try to order everything I need from them. I also like territorial seed co.

I have yet to find a seed store that specializes in edible garden needs for southwest states. Most just tout the virtues of moisture conserving native plants. If you come across one please lmk! It's a lot of trial and error, you have to look up the zones for everything you plant. I have found that timing and the type of beds is most critical.

Sunken garden beds have become a means of survival (my garden I mean) for me. I have the sunken beds with soaker hoses and I got straw bales and laid a 4-6" layer across the whole bed. I pushed aside the straw to plant and then covered back when the plants got tall enough. Mulch is your best friend. Works wonderfully, I watered those beds once maybe twice a week and they thrived! Next year I'm going with shade cloth sails over the tender parts of the garden because like you, once the sun is high at about 11-12 pm my plants begin to droop even if the soil is moist and cool. Here's an article you might find interesting!

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