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Re: Where do i start?

Hey mama,
I'm not from your area but I wanted to pop in to say congrats!!! Fostering is a really amazing and wonderful experience. I'm in the process of becoming licensed on my own right now but had fostered before in a bit of a different situation. I can walk you through the general outline of how things tend to go. Every office will do things a bit differently but I hope this at least gives a general picture and some info to go off of!

I was going to list it all out but I here's a link to info for your state!

Call your local agency and they will talk to you, send out info etc
Go to an orientation where they do a VERY general overview of foster care vs adoption etc
Have a home visit if you decide you're interested where they do a quick look at your home.
Have a CORI background check done
Take a 30 hour training course
Complete a homestudy where they interview you and your family, get financial info, talk about family history, parenting style, etc etc
Foster once approved!

To answer your questions generally... When you become a foster parent you can choose to have children of any age/gender in your home, you are allowed to specify. You get called with a placement that (hopefully) matches your criteria and you can then decide whether or not you are able to take that particular kiddo. If you can, they are placed with you and you care for them until they are either reunified or placed with an adoptive family. Every child comes into care with the goal of reunification so we, as foster parents, work with the agency to get that kiddo placed safely back with bio-parent(s). Its not always easy but it is an awesome experience! You do receive a daily stipend (its $22 a day here) plus (theoretically) a quarterly clothing allowance and money for b-days, christmas etc.

Sorry if this is scattered... I'm tired! Feel free to ask any other questions you may have.
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