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Re: XXL covers & diapers?

He outgrew the Toddlease about 6 months back & I just sold them all. His waist was too big even on the largest settings possible & the thighs were very tight. When we used those, I got a few of the Motherease Stay Dry absorbent liners to make them stay dry & they are awesome so I saved them to use with other diapers & flats! I've been a big ME fan for about 13 years now. Very sad all their diaper & covers stuff is too small. I loved their Wizard line, too but he outgrew those over a year ago.

Fuzzibunz are fleece lined & so are the Happy Hiney trainers that come in an XL size (I was at their site earlier & that was the only product they sell with measurements that would fit him, though I remembered a friend giving me 1 or 2 of those so I may try cutting out the fleece to maybe make them a cover?).

We got some of the 110/116 sized Disana wool soakers but discovered he's very allergic to wool. He was covered in hives when I tried them last (I tried a couple times to make sure it was definitely the wool). But that did at least explain why he can't tolerate the CJ's Butter in the tub, it has lanolin in it but he can tolerate the spray since it's lanolin free. He has very severe allergies. Winter coats are so hard to find for him as well since he can't tolerate fleece (most are fleece lined) or wool. Everyone once in a while, we get lucky & find a nylon coat so I'm on the hunt for this year's winter coat, too. We even had to get a car seat with a cover that is nylon only, no poly (the Britax Cowmooflage thankfully is just nylon, they were the only company I found that sells poly free car seat covers). I do have a bunch of the Cotton Babies stay dry suedecloth socks and a ton of the Motherease stay dry absorbent liners. I use them to make everything stay dry.

He wears a size 5T in clothing so I'm guessing a 3T or 4T diaper may be too small. He has a 24-25 inch waist & 15 inch thighs. Many products are listed as fitting to 50 or 50 lbs but the waist &/or thigh measurements aren't large enough. He's a solid boy who I don't see slimming down for a while (he has a lot of health issues that affect his diet but I am so thankful that his liquid medical food only diet, no food ever, is helping him grow well). I think that's what gets tricky since he's big all over. A slimmer 42 lb toddler would probably fit in many of these great suggestions but he's thick. Not fat but more big boned and stocky especially at his waist & thighs.

Thank you for the suggestions, keep them coming please!
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