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Originally Posted by RachelFlores
My first was my only hospital birth. We stayed for 2 days as that was what was expected. I don't like staying in a hospital unless I am sick enough to NEED round the clock checking on by nurses. I much prefer being at home if I have a choice. My next two were born at a birthing center and both times we went home about 3 hours after my babies were born. I loved it! My babies slept on the car ride home.

For all those who bleed a lot and hate the mess, get some Depends. They are SO much better than the mesh panties and pillow sized pads. I had leaks with those and was always worried about staining my sheets and clothes. I never had any leaks with the Depends and I bled very heavily. Plus, when compared to the alternative they are more comfortable.
My youngest three were born in a freestanding birth center and we went home in under 3 hours with each of them. No issues. I loved being in my own home and bed with no one waking me.

If you have someone to watch your older children you could just go home anyway and keep the person there for the exact same child care as if you stayed in the hospital.

I second the Depends!
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