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Re: How do gymbucks and the coupons work?

I have such a love-hate relationship with gymbo & all of their lines. I stopped buying Crazy 8 last year when my daughter wore a sweater dress for the first time ever to church -and it split down the seam! DH had to run to Target to get her a replacement dress!

Last year we got the 3 youngest Christmas jammies at Janie & jack- the "upscale" gymbo line - they split at the seams in the first wash!!!

We havent been very happy with gymbo for various reasons - but the clothes dont fall apart, & they keep drawing us back in! Today I bought 4 outfits for my 7 year old, 6 outfits for my 2 year olds, socks, shoes & a purse each - $259 shipped with a 20% off coupon , plus I got $100 gymbucks (I messed that part up! I could have spent like $10 more & got another $25! oops!!!)

Every time I say I wont buy from them I end up with reward $ or Gymbucks! LOL! Its too good to pass up!!!
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