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Re: What do you think: Bike and Stroller in One?

I have this
I LOVE it! We don't own a car, so we bike or walk everywhere. I have the one that fits 2 kids, but I only have one, so I have room for groceries or whatever. DD will be older by the time we have another, so I could get a trail-a-bike for her and still have room for baby+stuff in the front. With the 2 wheels in front trike set-up, you definitely can't take turns as fast as you can on a regular bike, but personally I just don't bike that fast with my dd anyway, so it really doesn't bother me. I love that I can't fall like you could with a regular bakfiets 2 wheeled bike, and other than the turning factor, it's really the same as riding a regular bike. All around, I really love my bike and would encourage anyone else to consider biking more with your kids!
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