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Originally Posted by OHIOFIFI
I will definitely see about my diet. I did a high fiber diet in the past to help with the PCOS when we were ttc so maybe I need to go back to that. I appreciate the diet ideas, I will definitely check into them.
The NP did say that I might have ovulated this time so that might be another reason why my nipples hurt. But, honestly, I think it is thrush and am going to take the advise I got here. I think I am going to go to Walgreens tomorrow and buy some gentian violet. It won't hurt if I don't have thrush. Thanks again for the support.
Just a heads up - when I got gentian violet from Walgreens I had to special order it. I also had to specify 1% (I read you aren't supposed to use 2%, I think from Jack Newman).

Good luck with feeling better!
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