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My girly has PT'd, and the last two pairs of longies no longer fit without a diaper.

Custom Crankies I bought these (for more than this) in one of the last auctions Amy held. I purposely bought them too big so they would fit this winter, but my baby girl has PT'd and her tiny hiney doesn't fit into any of the longies I was saving for this winter. These have been tried on twice, once over a pocket when we first recieved them, and again over a pair of undies just this last week. Never been washed or lanolinized, but I'm happy to that if you'd like (just let me know and expect two or so days before they can ship). These are absolutely beautiful and I'm so sad to see them go, but my girly is just too narrow for woolies without a diaper on. Rainbow on the bum, with flowers "growing" up out of the leg cuffs. One of the flowers has a tiny little pixie on it. The knitting is perfection. $70ppd to the US NOW $65ppd

Measurements are:

W: 18

H: 22

R: 17

I: 12

LONGIES ARE PENDINGMM Pixie Dust Longies with a matching (will get a picture tomorrow in the daylight) tee (white Monag 2T tee embroidered with a dandelion and the words "Make a Wish" in purple, done by Lulu Bird Designs right before she closed) both are in EUC. Longies are without felting, pulls or stains. Tee is nice and white and without stains. Embroidery is perfect as was always the case with LBD! $50ppd to the US

Longies measurements are

W: 18

H: 22

R: 17.5

I: 11.25 (these cuff well, they were too long last winter and spring, and have always been worn cuffed)

Both sets are also listed on Spots

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