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Re: Stinking Glucose Test!

Originally Posted by romansmommy View Post
I'm not much help but wanted to say good luck!!

I failed my 1 hr last week w/ a 157 and completely failed the 3 hr on Wednesday. I start the GD protocol (diet & blood sugar checks at home 4 times/day) this coming week. I'm dreading it, especially with the upcoming holidays!!
Bummer! I was talking to my husband today and I was like "Nooooo! Thanksgiving! Mashed Potatoes!" The holidays are the worst time to have GD.

Originally Posted by Joyful Tie Dyes View Post
168 on the 1 hour failed the 3 hour been on a very strict GD diet since BUT I have avoided meds thus far
Yay for no meds!

Originally Posted by A21Lee View Post
Ugh! I've been there, too. GD with my first pregnancy. Failed the 1-hr, but my OB didn't follow up with the 3-hr. She just had me start the protocol with diet and BS checks. The only thing that ever spiked my levels was fruit/fruit juice and soda (which coke was the only thing that settled my stomach since I had nausea the whole pregnancy). No GD problems with my 2nd son. It's possible to pass the 3-hr after failing the 1-hr. The issue is insulin resistance. The 3-hr just gives your body more time to process the sugar. If your body can achieve normalized levels after 3-hr you worry less about the excess sugar getting to baby. Best of luck!
I would be able to deal with GD a lot better if I had to just avoid fruit/juice/soda. I could live without those. I could easily live without most sugars. What I cannot live without is giant chunks of yummy carbs like bread and pasta. I will die if I can't have pasta for 3 months.
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