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Re: Pros & cons of "minky" diapers

OP are you talking about minky inserts or diapers? I have a Kawaii minky diaper that I like well enough. The pattern is super cute! It's a bit bulkier than regular PUL diapers, but not too bad.
As far as minky inserts, I love how fast they dry! We line dry everything most of the time and those are nearly dry after I take them out of the wash. FuzziBunz OS Elites and Tots Bots Easy Fits are the only diapers I know of with minky inserts. I like my Tots Bots just fine but I'm not a huge fan of the minky fabric touching DS b/c it isn't stay-dry like micro fleece or suede. But, they do come with a little liner so I just make sure to use that.
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