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Re: Found this blog about Snap Benefits

I'm irked by the fact that people can and do depend on food stamps long term. We have family that has absolutely no intention of ever working. The 3 of them get over $500 a month for food. It's mind-blowing. I hate that they (not them specifically, but people in general) can just expect that food will be given whether or not they want to earn a living.

I remember years ago being on food stamps with my part-time job. I had the opportunity to pick up more hours, but my food stamp benefits decreased. It was very disheartening to work more hours and break even financially. I'm sure others have been in that position and felt unmotivated to work that extra little bit.

As far as $4 a day, I think that is do-able. SNAP is a supplemental benefit. It should be a safety net to help people out when they need it.
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