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Re: Pros & cons of "minky" diapers

Agree with the pp's about the Tots Bots. I have both old and new minky styles. They come out of the wash almost dry after a high spin. I have been hanging them to dry to extend the life and love that they are still super soft without going in the dryer- unlike my older bamboo version. I do tend to grab for a liner as well since they aren't stay dry though, so I guess that kind of defeats the purpose! Every now and then I get one that comes out not smelling 100% clean for whatever reason, but it has always been fixed by sending it back through the wash a second time. I haven't noticed any chronic stink problems with them. I haven't had any issues with leaks and have been pleasantly surprised by just how much they can hold for my 22 month old. If I know we will be out for a few hours and in the car seat I sometimes add a doubler, but that is my own fear of leaks showing! I will say that every once in a while, this diaper might be on my son for 4 or more hours and still no leaks- hey, I'm not proud but sometimes it just happens, right?
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