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Re: It's attitudes like this that continue to perpetuate ignorance.

Originally Posted by AbbieJack View Post
While I don't think playing with girl toys will turn a boy gay or vice versa , I do how ever think that we should raise our boys to be men and our girls to be women. I believe we should help our children develop into capable, competent adults,the adults that God intends them to be. As they grow and mature, each sex needs different skills to prepare them for life. I'm not saying that only girls clean and cook and boys only work out side or on cars. Every one needs to know how to cook ,clean and do basic car maintenance.
I can see where make up and things fit with this thinking, but why is it "bad" for boys to play house? Play with dolls? And play in a nurturing way? I don't want to put you on the spot, but you are the first to say you sort of believe this way.

My issue is we raise MEN that have no nuturing skills, are so dumb with kids and lazy, that a great many people on this board would never think of trusting their husbands with their kids. I hear all the time how dhs just don't have time or interests in their kids. I often wonder if in societies desire to remove all the supposed feminitity of men, we have stepped back so far we ruined it for guys to be Dads?

I also agree about bible picking. Seriously in todays soceity and even back in the day you really can't follow every law in the bible. Some things in there are shocking and thankfully not followed any more. Some things are even more clear about avoiding or doing, but for some reason a bunch of people held onto one tiny thing in the bible while skipping the parts they just don't like.
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