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Re: Crib in the bathtub?

It's not safe sorry. In case of a fire or any other issue, no one will look for a baby in a bathroom. A bathroom legally can not be called a bedroom ever. You also have safety issues, how are you going to stop them from pulling on the facet? Most likely if you had a crib in a tub you would have them close to the facet no matter how you blocked it. Then you have the fact fecal material goes in the air with flushing, higher chance of mold/mildew in a bathroom, and if they get out of the crib (remember the tub will offer a ledge on the other side, making things easier), there are lots of dangers for a young child to get hurt in a bathroom. Honestly, room share once you get them in the crib, and raise them with the noise. If you get a baby who can't take the noise get a white noise machine. Personally I would never use a bathroom to house a baby, it just isn't safe.
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