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Re: less then 2 months in

Originally Posted by MamaNae View Post
Sadly, I live in a small town, one school district so if 1 kid in the church is selling wrapping paper odds are 25+ other kids in the church are selling the same wrapping paper.

And Iowa is made up of mostly 'small towns' with one school district. Only the bigger cities have options for it'd be the same thing all over the state. Even in Des Moines most of the schools (aside from private) are under the DMPS so more than likely if Webster is selling wrapping paper than so is Monroe...
That stinks. We will never sell much- it will be just us and MIL. We have other family me members but we won't ask those we know can't afford it or those who might have kids also selling stuff- even if its at a different time. Don't really want to get into the whole- I bought from your kid you have to buy from mine stuff. I am sure great grandma would buy and she can afford it, but she has 5 great grand kids in school so I am not going to ask her- I know someone else will shortly if they haven't already. But MIL is ours at least for this year, next year she'll have another grand kid in school. We don't go to church and dh isn't allowed to take it to work. So its down to us and MIL. I did have one of our military friends say they want to take a look- their kids don;t start school for another 2 years.
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