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Originally Posted by dancingingrace

My biggest issue was really the latch, I think, because I got chewed to pieces and literally had barely any nipples left...BUT...I suspect that I did also have a supply issue and it just wasn't as obvious due to the overwhelming pain of the other problem. I can say for sure that I wasn't eating or drinking even close to the amount that I needed to be, I had zero appetite because I was so tired and tried to be "super mom" and not accept help from the people who tried to be there for me. Now I know better, and I know that super mom would graciously accept help!! I was just wondering about the tea because someone had recommended it to me, and I *REALLY* want to be successful this time, so I don't want to leave room for any problems that I haven't covered. But, I'm cheap when it comes to buying extras, too!! I will happily do it if it really is going to help because I will obviously be saving if it meant not buying formula, but we're on a tight budget, and I didn't want to just splurge on a bunch of things that weren't really necessary.

Thanks for all the suggestions, I think the key will probably be, like most of you have mentioned, keeping things readily available to just grab (like chopped veggies), so that I'm not tempted to just grab some cookies or something...which I've been known to do out of laziness.
mama, I ended up EPing for DS1 and DS2 because their latches were so bad. Nothing is worse than a bad latch! But a bad latch can cause supply problems - baby isn't getting the milk efficiently. Personally, I would save the money and put it towards seeing a lactation consultant after delivery. Or better yet, save the money completely and go to a (free!) LLL meeting .
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