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Originally Posted by soonerfan
See, I don't buy that we are all entitled to believe hateful things. It is akin to someone saying black people are inferior, and someone excusing it because that's their belief and they are entitled to it. Homophobia is hate under the guise of a religious excuse, and it is wrong, therefore should not be tolerated.

The bible says many things are wrong, yet people pick and choose what they want to actually live by. I think using the bible as an excuse for why homosexuality is wrong is every bit as abhorrent as when it was used to back up the "wrongness" of interracial marriage.
Thank you! I agree entirely. I believe the only common theme through every book in the bible is to love one another as Jesus loved. Judging others based on race or sexual preference is not love. Having a preacher allude to this kind of prejudice is abhorrent and something I would have brought up to my church counsel. But then, I attend a church that welcomes and loves all people.

As for raising our children as men and women, I don't understand the concept. I'm raising my kids to be respectful, responsible adults. How they identify as a gender is their choice!

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