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Re: WWYD (sensitive topic, bullying and more)

THanks all. I wasn't sure if I was "over reacting" and didn't think that I was but wanted to make sure.

Dawn, good points!

Yes, think that my son should still be punished for being a bully. It's unacceptable regardless of how he was treated. My hopes is that my son understands now the sadness that comes from it.

I think my son needs a bunch of love right now. My husband is taking him out target practicing this morning with his grandpa. I think some "men time" is good for him right now. It'll take his mind off of things for a bit! I think he needs that.

My son is still quite active. So even if football was removed from his schedule (at his choice), he still loves to ride his bike daily, and loves outdoor activities (even if it's super cold here in NY). Basketball starts soon, so I'm sure he'll want to do that. He also plays baseball, and gulf. My girls don't do sports. Go figure.
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