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Re: Lots of FFS!!

Originally Posted by SereneSoldier View Post
Media mail doesn't require pp printing, they do it at the post office n prices are the same in person or online. If u want to do media mail u don't need ur printer. Just FYI
Oh no mama, I totally understand this. Maybe that sounded wrong. The reason I'm doing the flat rate boxes is because 1) my printer is out of ink and I can't justify paying the money for a new cartridge just to print labels a 2) that is why I also have to charge for the DC....when I printed online I didn't normally have to pay for the DC and 3) I debated on putting the books on because of the media shipping-I also don't have time to package, drag everyone to the postoffice--get a quote-PM the mama-wait for the response process-I've done that way to many time and then they change their mind. I'm just trying to move these items out and wanted to offer them here first before I took them to goodwill.

I should have said that if I had the ink I would have been more than happy to print from home to save on the DC

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