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Re: Lots of FFS!!

Originally Posted by Mysweetseven View Post
Oh no mama, I totally understand this. Maybe that sounded wrong. The reason I'm doing the flat rate boxes is because 1) my printer is out of ink and I can't justify paying the money for a new cartridge just to print labels a 2) that is why I also have to charge for the DC....when I printed online I didn't normally have to pay for the DC and 3) I debated on putting the books on because of the media shipping-I also don't have time to package, drag everyone to the postoffice--get a quote-PM the mama-wait for the response process-I've done that way to many time and then they change their mind. I'm just trying to move these items out and wanted to offer them here first before I took them to goodwill.

I should have said that if I had the ink I would have been more than happy to print from home to save on the DC
Oh ok the post I was referring to left me under the impression that media mail was the subject, not DC. Some ppl don't even know about medial mail or understand it so just wanted to clarify in case you were u ser the same impression I was. Awaiting the new listing btw so I can fill the box of shoes and undershirts with more stuff
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