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Re: Crib in the bathtub?

Originally Posted by MamaNae View Post
It is my personal belief that kids should be taught to sleep through noise. When my oldest son was a baby I was able to tiptoe all over and keep it funeral quiet when he was sleeping...he's 7 now and will come out his room whining about noise if I walk to the bathroom or run the dryer or the furnace kicks on when he's trying to fall asleep. my dd and 2nd ds could fall asleep at a rock concert going on at a NASCAR race next to an airport

Anyway, if it fits go for it. I have pictures of myself sleeping IN the bathtub when I was little parents folded up blankets and pillows and turned the faucet as tight as my dad could get it and there I slept. Never had an issue LOL
Don't feel bad--we did the same with our 7-yr-old and he sleeps like a rock, as does our 3-yr-old, and we didn't bother keeping it quiet with the others and the 5-yr-old and baby are the lightest sleepers of all. The baby has certainly had the loudest environment to sleep in, but will wake at the turn of a doorknob in another room. And she SCREAMS when she gets woken up mid-nap. We keep a loud white noise machine in there and all retreat to the basement when she naps--and pray no one knocks on the door. Before she was born, I would never have thought I would go to such trouble to keep it quiet for a baby--they need to learn to sleep through the noise :P

I don't think parents can blame themselves for light sleeping kids. IME, it has to do with how they are wired.
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