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Re: HS Check-In, Part 2

Rain- Congrats on the car!

Angel - good luck on the 3 hr test. I got hypertension with my last. Pregnancy disorders are a bummer so I'll be praying for you here.

Jen- that probably is why everyone seems more together.

This is officially my second year... sort of. Dd started k 2 yrs ago at 4 but was too young and I pulled her. She started k again at ps last yr and we started hs after Christmas. This is our 1st time using curriculum though. With dd in 1st and ds starting k I just didn't think I could keep up.

We're using mus, all about spelling, and rocket phonics. They're doing much better with having curriculum and I feel better with guidance that we're actually learning and progressing. I think I'll feel more together when we add the other subjects but I want improvement in these first. We did get our work done yesterday. Dd is really improving her reading!
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