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Originally Posted by MamaNae
I think it's completely unfair for lower income/middle income families who are struggling. If a parent cannot afford to buy shoes don't you think it makes them feel even more like total garbage because they can't afford a $17.99 tube of wrapping paper or a $8.97 frozen pizza? Most everyone in our extended family is just barely getting by...asking my Grandma on social security to buy crap she can't eat because she's on dialysis or asking my mil when she's disabled and my fil only is able to work sporadically for a trucking company...or my mom & stepdad who were both out of work for over 3 years? Nope...not gonna happen.

We're not within the public school system so my kids only do 1 fund raiser a year (boy scouts popcorn and girl scout cookies) and our families do buy because it's the only 1 (and dang that popcorn is YUMMY and hello? Thin Mints? Yes please) but if I were bugging them every 6 weeks? Uh nope...
Selling girl scout cookies does not count as a fundraiser. Its a public service lol

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