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Originally Posted by Gabrielsmama
BTW, do you BGE lovers leave the soakers as they are or do you deattach the other end (saw someone posting about this)? Do they dry really slow? I don't mind line-drying them after a dryer cycle if they're still moist but would be nice of course if they dried fast... Also, the soaker doesn't lay flat (there's "too much fabric"), do you fold the excess fabric either in the front or the back or both?
I've left mine attached- its easy for me since I "dunk" the diaper in the toilet to rinse it clean - actually I specificity love BGE 'cause it's attached and it makes dunking easier

I fold the excess up front since I have a boy and he is a super soaker. I don't mind the longer drying time- for us it takes two cycles on the med heat in the dryer or I will do one cycle then hang them to finish drying so they stay soft. Otherwise just line drying leaves them kinda crunchy.
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