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Re: WWYD (sensitive topic, bullying and more)

I definitely don't agree with the coach treating the boys that way.

However, I do agree with having consequences for your DS's behaviour - including losing his spot on the football team and being a "sub", or being cut from the team completely.
Being able to play on school teams should be directly connected to how one behaves and performs in school. In my high school, it was. The players had to maintain a certain average in their school subjects to play on the team.

Again, I do NOT agree with the coach's treatment of the boys. I'm saying these consequences should be agreed upon between the teams and the school. It sounds like the coach is just being a jerk, in this instance.
If the coach is actually treating them this way, I would let him quit the team. Him being treated like that likely isn't helping his own behaviour, kwim?
But there would be major consequences at home for that behaviour - removal of all video games, computer, and tv, and grounding (not going anywhere other than school without a parent), until he shows a change in behaviour.
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