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What can you use woolies over? DS is 3 months now and before he was born, I bought all kinds of CD's to try out--pockets, AIOs, fitteds and covers, prefolds and woolies. Now he's grown out from his NB diapers and after having some knowledge of what I like, I've come down to streamlining to AIO's/AI2's and some pockets only (will sell my prefolds/fitteds/covers). With most of my woolies...don't know. I have some I'm so attached to () even though I've never used any of them!

My question is...can you use woolies (I have f.ex. Disanas, Aristocrats and Ruskovilla and a few others) as a nighttime solution over an AIO/AI2? Or should I buy a good fitted specifically for nighttime? The AIOs I have are mainly BGs (4.0, Elementals, Freetimes), Grovias, Bottombumpers.

So far he's been in sposies at night (no leaks), before when he was younger I had nighttime leaks ALL the time with cloth. I had them during daytime too changing my stash a bit has made it better.

I guess I could try for one night how does he do with f.ex. BG and if leaks, then add a woolie over it...good or bad idea?
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