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Help! Need a diaper cover for 35lb toddler

I'm in desperate need of suggestions for what to do for my 35lb DS.

I just sold off my entire stash (all Flips) for a couple of reasons. First, I had super cloth fatigue and was getting tired of wrestling my son to change him. I've started to buy pull-ups. Second, he is so big that the Flip covers that I bought in the spring were quickly going to need to be replaced if I kept using them in such a small rotation (I only had six). I didn't want to have to buy new covers in 6 months so I sold the entire lot.

I was happy for a week then my husband lost his job.

Now the thought of buying disposables is freaking me out.

I have a bunch of flats that I could use but no covers. Any suggestions for an inexpensive cover that will fit a 35lb toddler? I've got a very limited used market where I live so that's not really an option. Also, I live in Canada so shipping from the States can be an issue.

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