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Re: Two week wait - Oct

Originally Posted by Dani_Phen View Post
I'm imagining symptoms for sure now...I have a dull "pain" in my lower back (like I did with Ds for the first 3 weeks), having wild dreams (same first few weeks), keep having cramping, feel really tired (I'm sure this is from just being busy for the last 2 weeks without a break), tender breasts (tho I'm sure they aren't near as tender as I remember them with Ds)...Still, I seem to keep thinking maybe they are b/c of a bean. I'm really hoping we caught an egg this month!! I don't want to go on provera/clomid next month!!! I POAS this morning and stark white. According to the OB I should be on CD#22 and 8dpo but from what I saw on the OPK's I am only 5dpo. The opk from this morning tho was darker than the rest since monday. hmmm...

ETA: I never got a bfp by poas with Ds until I was almost a month in.
It kinda sounds like you're preggo! Looking forward to when you start poas!
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