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Dd2(5) has always been a very slow eater. She spends most of the day at the table lol When she was younger she had little meals and snacks through out the day(3meals and 3-4snacks). It helped with keeping her focused and seemed to make her happier then being forced into eating more at once. Once she started feeding herself Id sit with her for awhile but then would leave(to clean the kitchen or something close by). I let her take as long as she wants. It does get frustrating while eating out-and we have gotten hers to go so she can finish in the car/at home. I was a slow eater as a child and felt like a bad girl when ppl would rush me By 2nd grade I had learned to shovel food in so fast I didnt enjoy it at all and would get a tummy ache(due to short lunches at school and ppl always rushing me). Once I was out of school it took years to learn to eat at a slower pace again.

I know you said her diet is limited and she's not into trying new foods(most toddlers arent) but I would keep offering them to her. Eat some with her and make her food into fun shapes(anything turned into a smiley face gets eaten a little faster lol). Let her know fruit is at the end of the meal if you want but then Id leave her be. I wouldnt punish her or set a time limit. As long as she is eating I'd leave her be. I know waiting on a child to finish eating can be frustrating but then I remember my childhood feelings about eating and know that as long as my child is getting the nutrients she needs(and enjoying it) then thats more important.
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