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Re: no-poo and dyed hair?

If I'm remembering correctly, red pigments are the most difficult to get to penetrate your hair, anyway, & the baking soda does strip it, so presumably it won't stay vibrant for as long as you'd like.

I did use a shampoo bar for a while & liked it very much...I have a local place that does a really nice job with natural soaps & personal care supplies. I used the pinetar & nettle bar for a while to help w/ my psoriasis; the only reason I stopped was b/c I ran out & had some bs & acv in the house. I stopped coloring my hair when I went no-poo, though, so I don't have feedback from that just seemed that hair dye was more harsh & unnatural than the sulfates in my shampoo & silicones in my conditioner, so it just didn't make sense, KWIM?
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