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Re: How do you keep your body in shape between pregnanies?

I tend to go into extreme whole food eating.

With my first I gained around 80. Yes you read that correctly 80 pounds. And no my baby was not 75lbs like I was hoping.

I did not loose all the weight when I got pregnant with ds2. I lost about 60 when I got pregnant and then I ended at the same weight.

I knew after 6 months of having ds2 I had to do something. I was starving and not loosing the extra weight. I was working out all thie time and nothing--just exhaustion and hunger. Then I saw Alicia Silverston on TV (the view actually lol) and she was promoting her book the kind life.

Well I got it did it and lost ALL of my baby weight and was back to pre-pregnancy size. I did minimal workout (yoga everyday or every other day) No-stretch marks no nothing. Now the thing is it is a Vegan cookbook but she does not lecture you like other vegan cookbooks she tells you facts and is incredibly supportive. I usually have to cut out dairy anyway bc when I nurse all my babies had issues with dairy.

The best part is that the book basically gives you better ingredients for the foods you eat. Things I never heard of or new were options. I was chowing down on healthy peanut butter cups and brownies. When I craved something sweet I ate it. I just felt so much better.

I am pregnant again and I am strict with my food but still consume dairy and will eat what I am craving. I try to do healthier versions but that does not always work. But now I fell like it is so easy to keep the weight at bay during pregnancy (only gain 40 LOL) and shed it when its time.

Now during pregnancy I am doing Tracy Anderson pregnancy DVD and will do her Post-Pregnancy workout. I am on my 4th and I think I got this pregnancy weight thing down.
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