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Is it just my house?! (Food related)

So I moved in with my sister about a month ago (long story), but there seems to be... something... that likes attacking our food. Best example, I made spaghetti one night and forgot to throw the jar of sauce away. The very next morning (so, like 14 hours after opening it) it had full on mold growing on it.

Another example is the tomatoes we leave on the counter/window sil like we have since we were little. If there is the SLIGHTEST imperfection in them (bruise, slight cut), they are ruined within a day. The apples I can understand since they are always so close together, but really!?

Does anyone else have a horrid shelf life for their fresh fruits/veggies?! Or is there just something in this house?! And my sister keeps a very clean house dispite our combined 3 children.
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