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Morning all! Its just after 7AM and the boys are outside washing the car. I have a mountain of laundry to fold and breakfast to get going.

Hope to take the boys to the pumpkin patch today or tomorrow...

Originally Posted by msuk2girl
Morning Carolyn!

All my parties for the week are over... Now to the fun stuff! DH and I are going to go shoot handguns at a range today with a couple from church. Tomorrow is church and Bs 2 yr photos

Now that she is potty trained I also want to get her some real jeans. She couldn't wear them over pockets
Yay for jeans! I haven't been to shooting range in awhile..but I always beat DH, lol.

Originally Posted by amcess721
Love the instrument talk I did violin for 10 years, but never picked it up again after HS graduation. It sits in my closet with a broken string. Taught myself clarinet in 10th grade so I could join band and marching band to spend more time with the boy I liked

Hoping for some knitting time with my FASC shawl today... have about an hour drive each way to our main event for the weekend. FIL is 60 today. We're all going to watch him sky dive!
I learned the piano and ukulele growing up...but I'm not classically trained. My sister both play the violin too.

Enjoy the knitting time today!

Originally Posted by Dayzee1081
Spinning class is today at 10am yay! Can't wait!
Have fun!!

Originally Posted by Aidensmommalove
Gm everyone

Originally Posted by HookedByCarolyn
Do not leave your knitting unattended!

Originally Posted by MrsStripe
Toys sorted. I should get rid of more, but want DH's input.

Now to knit. here's how far I got last night and I am alternating skeins.
Nice colorway! Like the brightness.

Originally Posted by OrangeBananas

Woke up this morning to a completely fried phone. I tried my spare battery and it won't even register a charge or anything. I think it over heated . So I am eating some chocolate chips to make me feel better .

Pianist . I have always wanted to learn the piano and guitar (I can only play simple things) but I am a drummer .
Boo on the phone, but nom about Trader Joes! Wish we had one here.

Originally Posted by bumminbeachbabe
Good morning!

It's cool to learn more about you ladies. So many musical gals here.

Goals today:

Get milk (we've been out for a few days)
Get the downstairs spotless
Figure out dinner
Rearrange some furniture
Put away the mountain of laundry

Eta: maybe get brave and knit a nb skirty. Even if I don't have a girl I could fsot it.
Busy day! I need to knit at least 4 ornaments...better get busy, lol
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