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Re: Lets talk about the diff dipes in your stash!

When I first started with cloth I much preferred only on type of diaper in our stash. I was quite content with 24 prefolds and 3 wool covers. I started with similar with ds2. Then thought to try flats to make less washing. It did help but was then suckered in by the cute prints on the fitteds so have since added those. My husband was fine with prefolds. He prefers them to the one size fitteds. After trying the sized fitteds though he now has a definite preference for sized fitteds. For us fitteds are no different than AIO as we use longies or shorties. Put diaper on, pull on pants, all done. I do have soakers for under pjs and the one pair of non wool pants we have for him. My husband forgotto put the soaker on though. He is not used to needing a cover.
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