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MMAO!!! Jacob's Ladder, Unexpected Rainbow, woollybottoms, and more!

MM Unexpected Rainbow on MMR with matching shirt.
Scrappies- The waist is a pinkish tint. They were this way when I received them. They never showed because his shirts would always cover the waist band, so never a problem here. Also the legs are a bit wonky. They probably need blocked. These were wore over big boy undies and never peed in. My son wore these while in 4/5 clothing- so comparable in size to a 4T/5T IMO.

I 15.5"
R 17.5"
Hips 11.5"
$48ppd $45ppd

Knit by Munchkin Wares *
EUC- no felting, needs a good shave however
9.5" inseam.
18" Rise
11" hips across the front laying flat

9.5" inseam not including the gussett
19" rise
11" hips

WAHM made t-shirt with guitar applique. Shirt is 2T from Old Navy.

10" inseam
Hips 11"
Rise 18"
Longies are in great condition.
Shirt is 2T made by Juddy Duds and wore a handful of times.


Woollybottoms and WAHM shirt

Woollybottoms size M in very good condition with matching 2T WAHM made t-shirt. The old shirt has a tie applique with pirate material. Shirt was only wore a few times.

MM Jacob's Ladder MMR XL longies

Jacob's Ladder on MMR
BEAUTIFUL longies! Great condition.

11.5" inseam not including the gusset
11" across the hips
19" rise
comparable to 3T clothing IMO
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